Berlin du bist so wunderbar

You already know that I prefer visiting coffee/lunch spots rather than museum/monuments kind-of-stops and just wander around town. But you can’t come to Berlin and not visit the famous Brandeburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Alexander Platz and beautiful Holocaust-Mahnmal, it’s a must.

As I always do our list of what to visit, my boyfriend suggested that we visit Reichstag Building (Parliament) and I’m so happy that we did. They take you with an elevator to roof terrace where is a stunning view and #allglasseverything dome. It’s really worth of visiting and it’s free, just be sure to book a visit on their website.

As you may know Berlin is super huge and there are so many cool places! We stayed only for 3 days but still managed to visit some hot spots from the List.


Where to eat?

District Mot. If you like Asian food (and burgers) you definitely need to visit this Vietnamese place where they serve Saigon street food. We have tried their famous  1-800 Hot Bao Bling Burger and it was OMG. Can you imagine eating a burger in Vietnamese style and plus buns are pink (yes PINK!) and super soft. Just put it on your list you need to try it!


Chen Che TeehausOn more Vietnamese restaurant. I must say one of the prettiest place I have ever been. Interior will leave you speechless and their traditional soup Pho too. They are trying to evoke Vietnamese vibes and they are doing it really good.


Clärchens BallhausBerlin is kind of a crazy (in a good way) city with these underground vibes and I would say you can expect exactly that in Clärchens Ballhaus. In this abandon-like but stunning building you can stop by for a typical German lunch or dinner and Disco time, crazy right?


Mustafas Gemüse Kebab. You haven’t been to Mustafas and tried the most delicious five star kebab? Sorry you haven’t been in Berlin! Tip: go there really late, around midnight if you want to avoid crowd and waiting in a line for an hour.


Coffee, beer, ice-cream?

Roamers. The way they served the food it’s like wow! And everything is super yummy and fresh. But be prepared that you will wait a bit longer on your food because it’s super busy, especially on weekends, but they will warn you so you can be either patient and wait for your brunch or just order a coffee and something sweet as we did. Hint: the bacon cinnamon rolls are to die for!


The Barn Coffee Roasters. Must for coffee lovers! Come to Berlin and not to go to the one of the most famous Berlin Coffee Roaster is a sin, lol. Plus they have delicious vegan cakes!


Cafe am Neuen SeeYou will find this place in Tiergarten Park. Stop by on the end of the wandering day in Berlin and just relax and enjoy at this super romantic spot by the lake.


KaschkAll craft beer lovers should stop by this hipster bar <3.  And yes coffee lovers too. Yummy coffee and great choice of beer, it sounds like heaven.


Eispatisserie Hokey PokeyIf you will visiting Berlin during warm days, this is a place where you should go to refresh yourself, with an ice cream of course. Blood orange with white chocolate, Mississippi Brownie with Marshmallows and pecans, Apple basil with Tahiti vanilla ice cream, sounds to good to be true!


If you want to see more of my Berlin adventures click on #discoverberlinwithlea.

Berlin du bist so wunderbar

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