Bloomon Explained – Why is Everyone Ordering Flowers Online Now?

Online Flower Power is shaking Germany. In the last couple of weeks I’m seeing a lot of beautiful flower arrangement posts on my instagram feed and when I say beautiful I mean really super gorgeous! What I’m always seeing is that tag on those photos – Bloomon! So I have decided to make a little research for you and me and find out what is the story behind them.

Bloomon was established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Of course – doesn’t surprise me at all – Dutch people are always 10 steps ahead of all of us and changing the world with their super cool innovative ideas! Founders Patrick, Bart and Koen have a mission to deliver you the best quality (and prettiest too) flowers directly from the field to your door. They came up with an idea when they saw how petrol stations and supermarkets started selling cheap bouquets with unloved and not fresh flowers.  Despite the poor quality arrangements without any imagination they were succeeding in taking over the customers from the florists on street corners.

As I mentioned, the mission of Bloomon is not only to deliver you a bouquet of fresh flowers as fast as possible. It’s about experiencing it (that wow and surprise effect). And of course, all their flowers are seasonal. They have florists which are lead by the philosophy “less is more” and they are creating the prettiest floral designs which will illuminate gray days and the sunny ones will became more sunnier!

But now, how this story works? First you need to have an address in Germany, UK, Belgium, Denmark or Netherlands as those are the only countries for now where Bloomon is shipping to (crossing my fingers that they expand to other countries soon).

Your order begins with subscribing for how often you want your fresh flowers surprise you on your doorstep: every week, every two weeks or once a month (oh internet era you are spoiling us again). There are also three different sizes of flower designs (small, medium and large one). At every given moment you can login to your account on Bloomon and make a pause (for example, you are going on Holiday and you will not be at home). You can also rearrange your flowers delivery and sizes.

They even thought about this problem: “Omg, my flowers are coming today and I’m stuck in the office, how will they make it without water?!” – don’t worry they will leave it in bucket with water in front of your doors! <3

Oh, you saw those beautiful vases too on their site, in which their flowers look even better, right? You can order them too on their site. But you know what? I have surprise for you! We came up with something for you and with the code WITHLEA (valid for my German readers from Monday 23.1.) you will get that vase for free on your first Bloomon delivery. How great is that!?

Now go and order your first Bloomon bouquet with free vase and thank me later! ;D

P.S.: I’ve also just already ordered my first bouquet (and the vase too of course). I will update this post about my Bloomon experience as soon as my flowers arrive. New week didn’t even started yet and all I’m thinking about is FRIYAY (=delivery day)!



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    1. Hej Mirela! malo drze cijenu, al moram reci da je opravdano :D. Ali sigurno bi je i morali prilagoditi hrvatskom trzistu! 🙂

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