London's Gramable Places

London’s Gramable Places – GOs and No-GOs

In big and urban cities like London, new and trendy places are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Which is great because with every new visit to this fabulous metropolis you can check out new places. Usually for every trip I take, I first stalk some local Igers and create a list where they […]

Coffee Spots Frankfurt

5 Coffee Spots you should check in Frankfurt

Shame on me! I waited till now to write a post about my favorite coffee spots in Frankfurt. I have called Frankfurt a home for 3 years and I must say I got to know him pretty good, so if you need some infos (especially when it comes to hotspots, lol) about Mainhattan, feel free to […]

Hunting coffee spots in between strolling around Amsterdam

How to get trough Amsterdam in one day with three coffee stops in between, where you will refill your energy? I will show you. Your first stop should definitely be Scandinavian Embassy. They serve the yummiest breakfast I have ever tried, every time we go to Amsterdam we stop by here. Perfect poached eggs with salmon and […]

Lets talk about Coffee – Ernst Kaffeeröster

Thank God to the Third wave of coffee! Without this wave I think I would never become a coffee lover. Who knew that coffee can have so many aromas, from fruity till nutty flavors and that it can be very, very delicious. “Third wave of coffee, what is she talking about?” Okay, I will explain. This […]