M-ISHKA Espadrilles

M-ISHKA the Espadrilles

Two or three years ago espadrilles had a huge comeback. Everybody was buying them and wearing them, but not me. I must say I’m a bit picky sometimes. I really like some trendy stuff but I don’t like seeing it on every other person wearing it, so usually I don’t buy that kind of stuff. Except […]

Bloomon Explained – Why is Everyone Ordering Flowers Online Now?

Online Flower Power is shaking Germany. In the last couple of weeks I’m seeing a lot of beautiful flower arrangement posts on my instagram feed and when I say beautiful I mean really super gorgeous! What I’m always seeing is that tag on those photos – Bloomon! So I have decided to make a little […]

Decorative and Fine arts by Mateja Kovac

I just love this internet era. It also makes life so much easier and it gives an opportunity to all the creative people out there to find their spot in the universe. A perfect example is Mateja Kovac. How would you hear or find about her beautiful art and buy it if there were no […]

Instagram Trend – Printable Calendars

You know that a new Month started when everybody is posting a photo on Instagram with those pretty printable calendars! You want it too, but where to find it you ask? Just click on the links I found for you and choose yourself your own free copy for November. You can thank me by sharing this […]

4 Websites that will make your phone pretty for free

Do you have a problem finding pretty wallpapers for your phone? First world problem, I know! Well, I had that problem too until I found out about these websites and now my life became easier :). I will show you a few websites where you can download free wallpapers and make your phone prettier: ban.do I […]

The most beautiful place I have ever been – st. vincents

This concept store is reason enough to visit Antwerp – here you can shop, eat, drink, admire that beautiful space and even visit an exhibition. I wish you could also move in. st. vincents is an ever-changing space, a concept store where you will find established designers. A place where you can enjoy your coffee time with […]