London's Gramable Places

London’s Gramable Places – GOs and No-GOs

In big and urban cities like London, new and trendy places are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Which is great because with every new visit to this fabulous metropolis you can check out new places. Usually for every trip I take, I first stalk some local Igers and create a list where they […]

M-ISHKA Espadrilles

M-ISHKA the Espadrilles

Two or three years ago espadrilles had a huge comeback. Everybody was buying them and wearing them, but not me. I must say I’m a bit picky sometimes. I really like some trendy stuff but I don’t like seeing it on every other person wearing it, so usually I don’t buy that kind of stuff. Except […]

The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show

Last Weekend I have visited Amsterdam, again. But what can I do, I’m addicted to that city and plus it’s close to us. Walking around the city taking photos of beautiful Amsterdam canals and houses and drinking coffee at favorite places is already a standard. But what I definitely didn’t want to miss out was The […]

Bloomon Explained – Why is Everyone Ordering Flowers Online Now?

Online Flower Power is shaking Germany. In the last couple of weeks I’m seeing a lot of beautiful flower arrangement posts on my instagram feed and when I say beautiful I mean really super gorgeous! What I’m always seeing is that tag on those photos – Bloomon! So I have decided to make a little […]

DIY Chocolate Bark

This is the easiest and yummiest diy ever (and it can be the cutest little gift too)! So what will you need for a DIY chocolate bark? Well, obviously some dark, milk or white chocolate (do not use chocolates with nuts, fruits etc.) together with some imagination for decorating your unique choco bark! First you […]

Here are some Black Friday deals I found for you

A few years ago Black Friday came to Europe too, yaas! It’s a great opportunity to buy some Christmas presents or just a great excuse for shopping (lol).   I love Urban Outfitters home section, for Black Friday they are offering up to 50% discount on selected items (as well on some woman/man clothes) and […]

Perfect snack for a Gilmore Girls night

We (all the girls around the world) are in impatience for 25th of November.  Just 3 more days, girls, till the new Gilmore Girls episodes. I came up with an idea how we can enjoy our favorite show with something totally girly for snacking: I’m presenting you the ultimate snack for watching Gilmore Girls, Popcorn with […]

4 Websites that will make your phone pretty for free

Do you have a problem finding pretty wallpapers for your phone? First world problem, I know! Well, I had that problem too until I found out about these websites and now my life became easier :). I will show you a few websites where you can download free wallpapers and make your phone prettier: I […]

You are never to old for an Advent Calendar

Is there anything sweeter than counting down the days till Christmas? I don’t think so. The tradition I don’t miss is having an Advent Calendar. Every morning in December I start with a peace of chocolate. Currently there are many types of advent calendars on the market. Cosmetics, toys, DIY calendars where you put in yourself […]

Quick yummy weekend breakfast (with free print-friendly recipe download)

I love weekends! Because of the yummy late long breakfasts, especially if they are served in bed. My favorite Saturday ritual is eating pancakes and watching Grey’s Anatomy in pajamas. In this post I will share with you a recipe for banana oats pancakes! Super quick and easy to make and yet so delicious and […]