DIY Chocolate Bark

This is the easiest and yummiest diy ever (and it can be the cutest little gift too)!

So what will you need for a DIY chocolate bark?

Well, obviously some dark, milk or white chocolate (do not use chocolates with nuts, fruits etc.) together with some imagination for decorating your unique choco bark!

diy chocolate bark

First you will need to melt 100g of chocolate (I hav used a dark one) in a water bath. While the chocolate is melting you can prepare the decoration and get some kind of a plate or oven dish on which you will put parchment paper. When the chocolate is smooth and melted spread it over the parchment paper in a form of a chocolate bark (or just go on with your creativity, make a circle or heart or whatever you like). Now it’s time for deco, put some nuts, dried fruits, flowers, sprinkles, cinnamon or even chili (someone likes it hot). Just don’t overdo it with toppings, use two or three, remember that less is more! And the last step is waiting: put it in a fridge for 2-3 hours.

diy chocolate bark

And when it’s done you can eat it or get some nice wrapping stuff and give to your loved one(s)!

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