Every time when I’m in Zagreb I don’t miss going to these 4 spots

If you already haven’t figured it out, I’m a Croatian girl, to be precise from Zagreb. Two times per year I travel back to my hometown, to visit my family, my fav spots and to see what’s new in town. Every time I come back there are more and more new places, Zagreb is really becoming a Metropolis and it doesn’t lag to much behind hype cities. But every time I come back for me is a must to visit these four spots.



My ultimate fav Zagreb spot of them all. It was one of the first places opened when the trend of pretty interiors and yummy coffees came. They have two different spaces next to each other. One is all bright and white and another one dark but still kind of warm. I always go the the dark one, why is that so I’m not sure, even if I know my photos will be better in the bright one (lol). Except coffee and delicious cakes you can also order a seasonal soup, salad or small snacks. Oh yes and interior, how to describe it, well it will leave you speechless for sure.


Sasa Sekoranja

When you already in Dezman passage and you had your coffee at Velvet, don’t miss out the Flower atelier by Sasa Sekoranja. It changes frequently and it is always stunning. This time I had a chance to see some Christmas magic.


Cogito Coffee Roasters

As I told you Zagreb is not lagging behind new trends. Third wave of coffee is ON in Zagreb too. There is a few new coffee spots formed under this trend and for me Cogito has the yummiest coffee and that’s why I always come back to drink my cappuccino there.


Bistro Divas

Looking for a lunch spot, a lunch where menu is seasonal, where you can try some traditional Croatian food but also Falafel and Asian (homemade) noodles. And please don’t drink water or some juice with these tasty foods, rather try some delicious wine from the cart or craft beer Barba Pale Ale! The lunch we always finished with a dessert, always the same one, some kind of a chocolate/cardamom/cinnamon ball mousse with ice cream and cookies, it’s heaven.


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don't miss going to these 4 spots when in zagreb


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