London's Gramable Places

London’s Gramable Places – GOs and No-GOs

In big and urban cities like London, new and trendy places are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Which is great because with every new visit to this fabulous metropolis you can check out new places.

Usually for every trip I take, I first stalk some local Igers and create a list where they eat or drink. If I already need to eat and drink it better be good, yummy and pretty, lol. Mostly it is but sometimes it’s not. Every now and then you fall into the so called ‘Instagram trap of great marketing’ and that pretty place becomes – either due to poor food and/or coffee – not so pretty actually.

Here is my London list of GOs and No-GOs Gramable places

Monocle Cafe – 18 Chiltern St, Marylebone

Monocle Cafe is already known for quite a while on the Coffee Instagram scene and it will not disappoint you. I think there is no Iger who could resist to take a photo of that Cafe. It’s too cute not to and most importantly, they serve delicious coffee.

London's Gramable Places

Peggy Porschen Cakes – 116 Ebury St, Belgravia

I will start the story about this most Gramable London spot with – don’t go there – unless you want bad coffee and not-so-good cakes. My disappointment was even bigger as this was my first coffee that day.

I must admit that they do have a pretty good understanding of how to present themselves on Social Media. If you are just about the pictures for your Instagram then you should go there, of course.

London's Gramable Places

Fabrique Bakery London – 8 Earlham St, Covent Garden

This is a go, go, go! They are famous thanks to their Cinnamon Buns, but not any kind – Scandinavian ones. So pretty and delicious. There you can also enjoy yummy coffee. They have a few addresses in London where you can stop by and try it out, I went to the Covent Garden one.

London's Gramable Places

Chicama London – 383 King’s Rd, Chelsea

The interior there is really stunning, staff super polite (for my taste maybe even a bit to polite) and – the food. Well, the food is tapas, south american style, if you are not familiar with their concept.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get some dishes we wanted because their delivery was late. From the ones I tried I would definitely recommend Tapioca marshmallow with ocopa sauce – that was something new for me and very delicious.

I was really looking forward to try the Banana & yuzu ice cream as it was a super hot summer day, but they didn’t have it either. My overall experience was Okay, I guess – just not that good that I will want to come back again.

London's Gramable Places

Dishoom – 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane London, Covent Garden

Loved it there! Really yummy Indian street food. It was so good that I still remember what I had and how it tasted! I get very hungry only thinking about it, lol.

From the small plates you really need to try the Vada Pau, it’s so good! It’s vegetarian fast food kind-of-a dish (vegetarian patty in-between buns). And for the main I recommend the Chicken Ruby (Curry dish) with Naan, omg! I will come back for it, for sure.

And don’t forget to order a Lassi, the only drink which goes with Indian food in my opinion!

London's Gramable Places

Farm Girl Cafe – 59A Portobello Rd, Portobello

You haven’t been in London if you haven’t visited Farm Girl and took a pic of these cute coffees and chai lattes.

I went there for a breakfast. I must warn you that you will wait even if you come super early, but it’s worth it. I had my very basic predictable avocado toast breakfast (lol) but I wish I had those pancakes which my boyfriend ordered, o my, that was really good. Of course I also had to order the rose latte, it’s their signature drink! I liked it, it was something new – a bit sweet but okay.

London's Gramable Places

Been, tried, bye!

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