The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show

Last Weekend I have visited Amsterdam, again. But what can I do, I’m addicted to that city and plus it’s close to us. Walking around the city taking photos of beautiful Amsterdam canals and houses and drinking coffee at favorite places is already a standard. But what I definitely didn’t want to miss out was The Avocado Show.

The Avocado Show is a newly opened restaurant in Amsterdam. And as you can guess they serve Avocado and Avocado only. A must for every Avocado lover! Finally we have a cool trendy avo restaurant in Europe as this kind of places always used to pop up in Australia or USA only.

The Avocado Show

What can you get at The Avocado Show?

Well Avocados of course, what else?! (LOL)

They serve Avocado as a snack, main meal and even dessert. You can get Avo Toasts as The Avo Rose, avocado served on hummus toast beautiful decorated with eatable flowers. Or the Avo Garden with Crackers, avocados filled with hummus and decorated as a beautiful garden. You will feel almost sorry to eat it!

I came with a mission to Amsterdam: to try that Poke Bowl (as we still don’t have it in Germany) and of course you can get it at The Avocado Show, yaay. What’s Poke Bowl? Well, it’s kind of a sushi bowl I would say, but only without the nori algae and with avocado, obviously. Guys, that was so delicious! On the bottom is rice and on rice different kinds of toppings like caviar, raw salmon, soy beans – only the best quality ingredients. Healthy and yummy, it can’t get better than this!

My boyfriend as a burger lover had an avocado burger and you know what? He is not such a big avo lover (I don’t understand that part, no avo lover, lol) but his reaction was “that was amazing”.

So even if you are not an avocado fan come to The Avocado Show and you will become one.

Few more words about the burger: buns were replaced with halfs of avocados, patty was of raw dutch sausage, there was also some onion, salad, bacon and all that served with a yummy portion of nachos with jalapenos and melted cheese. If there will be room in your tummy for a dessert, you know what expect you: more avocados in a shape of avo cream or ice cream.

The Avocado Show

As the hype about this restaurant still goes strong and you can’t make a reservation (“First come, first serve”) I would recommend you to come either super early or an hour before closing. Or be prepared to wait. If there will be a long queue they will take your name and tell you when to come back. In the meantime you can grab a coffee and explore the neighborhood.

Prices? They are in the upper mid range I would say, you will find meals from around 7 to 15 Euros.

Check out their Facebook page or Instagram for more infos and try to say no to avocados. Put it on your Amsterdam List and stop by on your next visit. You will love it I promise.

I just need to add that I was a bit disappointed with the lightning because I couldn’t get that perfect shot, #firstworldinstagramproblems :D. But it doesn’t matter as long as they serve #allavocadoeverything. I ask myself how many avocados they use per day?

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